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2 Ceramic Radiant Heat Emitter: Reptile or Chicken Brooder Infrared Lamp Bulbs

High quality "Super Reptile" infrared lamps.

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These flat profile, screw-in ceramic infrared heat lamp bulbs are ideal for use as: • Reptile heat lamp. Makes the perfect reptile lamp. • Chicken brooder lamp for your chick brooder or any poultry brooder. • Parrot brooders or any bird brooder. And if you want to build your own brooder, these are the best heat lamp bulbs for you. WE DISCOUNT MULTIPLE ORDERS! What’s so great about them? Unlike other heat lamp bulbs, these infrared ceramic heat lamps generate only ceramic radiant heat – not light. This not only saves you energy, but also prevents keeping your animals awake at night, simulating a natural cycle and promoting greater health, growth and vitality. Because no energy is wasted as light, they are much warmer than a standard 100W light globe and give off intense radiant heat very quickly – perfect for basking animals. Ceramic heat lamp bulbs also last much longer than conventional lighting globes which helps offset the upfront costs. Their compact shape and screw-in fitting allows them to fit inside most standard reflector light fittings without protruding like other ceramic heat emitters. Ceramic Brooder Lamp Specifications: • NEW • Wattage: 60W or 100W or 150W (please select from drop down list) • Standard ES screw-in fitting • 240 volt • Size: Bulb is 9cm wide at flat end by 7.5cm long (10.5cm including screw in fitting) • Long wavelength infrared emissions for maximum heat penetration • Lasts up to 5 years! 25,000 hours average life. • Full 12 Months Aussie Warranty. As these put out a lot of ceramic radiant heat, it is highly recommended that you use a thermostat to prevent overheating, or provide an enclosure large enough for your animals to move away from the lamp to maintain their comfort.

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