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DELUXE BEE TOOLS KIT: Overalls +Gloves +Smoker +Brush +Comb +Hive Tool +eBook

DELUXE BEE TOOLS KIT: Overalls +Gloves +Smoker +Brush +Comb +Hive Tool +eBook

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* SERIOUS full-length bee overalls.

Made from thick cotton material for top protection & comfort. Natural fibre b-r-e-a-t-h-e-s naturally! High quality construction. Full length front zip. Elastic cuffs on wrists and ankles. Pockets breast & rear. alt Hooped hat and face veil. Wide Brim for Excellent Sun Protection Convenient Neck-line Zipper 3 Handy Pockets - 2 Breast and 1 Rear Good Vision Size = Large men's only (AS SHOWN) Cool, natural weave breathes naturally.

* Luxurious *real leather* bee gloves!

These top quality, kid-leather gloves are fine and supple, making your work quick and easy. Lovely super-comfortable fit. Leather continues past the wrist. Wrist elasticised for snug fit. Long, heavy natural-cotton sleeves that b-r-e-a-t-h Elasticized sleeve cuffs. Size= Large

* Large Professional Bee Smoker

A Bee Smoker is the beekeeper's most essential tool. It calms the bees and makes them easy to work with. This one's a beauty! Quality stainless steel components. Long lasting bellows made from durable leather... Smoker safety guard to avoid burns. Handy hook. Includes perforated breather plate and bellows clip Retails everywhere for $50 plus on its own! Specifications: Height: 28cm (11") Smoke chamber diameter: 10cm (4")

* Steel Hive Tool

These handy gadgets are a must for any beekeeper's equipment inventory. Hive tools are needed for prying out your frames, and scraping away and tidying off excess comb. The Steel Hive Tool also has a nail-pulling hole in case you need to perform simple hive repair in the apiary.

* Honey Bee Comb Wax Scratcher

Why uncap when it is so much easier to release the honey from your honeycomb by simply scratching the wax with this special comb scratcher. (Scratcher replaces honey knife formerly included with this kit) alt No messy waste wax to deal with... Kinder to your bees too! The wax you leave on the comb can be used by your bees again and again... This saves them precious energy and time they can use instead to make you more honey! Sturdy stainless steel construction with a strong plastic handle, this simple honeycomb scratcher needs no heating. Just rake it over the surface of your honey comb prior to extraction of your honey. Hive Brush alt Soft nylon washable brush. The brush is used to separate bees from their honey frames. After removing the frame, you give it a quick shake to dislodge most of the bees, then brush the excess off the honey comb using the bee brush. Keep your brush clean and use it only for brushing bees off honeycombs so you don't contaminate your honey with other substances. Carry fresh water with you to wash the brush if it becomes sticky with honey.

* Beginning Beekeeping ebook (emailed to you)

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