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How To Make Your Own Biodiesel

Learn how to cheaply build your own Biodiesel processor and make biodiesel at home. Instantly downloadable ebook!

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Tired of paying upwards of $1.50 - $2.50 per gallon every time you fill up? Then biodiesel is the answer!

This concise but comprehensive little ebook will show you how to turn waste vegetable oil into diesel:

- How to build your own biodiesel processor from free or cheap components

- The biodiesel recipe

- Process for making biodiesel and washing biodiesel.

This guide is designed for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to
make biodiesel for personal use.

It does not examine in detail the chemical theories of the
processes involved.

It simply teaches you how to:

* Build your own biodiesel processor very cheaply, and

* Make biodiesel.

The whole basis is to use waste vegetable oil, which is
plentiful and usually free from restaurants.

The only costs related with making a batch are your time,
some household lye, and some methanol (wood alcohol).

This is why you and I can make biodiesel for 60-70 cents
per gallon!

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