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Incubator Hygrometer and Incubator Thermometer COMBO

Reliable! Both essential to successful Egg Incubator Hatching, Chicken or Reptile

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Incubator Hygrometer + Thermometer COMBO

Looking for a RELIABLE Incubator or Reptile Hygrometer?

Well, so were we… for years..
(we wouldn't sell you anything else).  We kept buying in half a dozen to try, lining them up, and guess what?  They all showed radically different readings! 

(Hey.... you are better off with no humidity monitor at all if it isn’t accurate.) 

We tried digital hygrometers (they were the worst) and a few others with the same result, until we came across this one…

Beware:  Not all Hygrometers are the Same!

We finally found a good one.  This humidity monitor is different..  It actually works!  Like all our products, we are proud to sell it.  Don’t settle for second best, or rely on a humidity indicator that you just can’t trust. 

  •   Accurate (error only 2.5%) alt
  •   Full range from 0 to 100% Humidity
  •   Made for Egg Incubation
  •   Magnetic back for sticking to  surface of your incubator or hatching box
  •   Diameter ~6 cm.

Wrong Humidity is the main reason chicks die getting
out of the egg
at the end of the incubation period.
Without adequate humidity, the egg loses too much moisture; too much humidity the egg loses too little moisture. 

Small humidity level errors accumulate during incubation and can result in either soft, squishy sick chicks (excess humidity) or small and frail chicks (insufficient humidity) - either of which may fail to hatch and thrive.

In most cases Humidity should be 55% during incubation but the in last 2-3 days it must be 70% to help the chicks break out of the egg.

Wrong Humidity is the main reason for chicks dying in the egg
during pipping.

For a great hatching rate, you MUST get humidity right !

This is the best Incubator Thermometer on the market and we are proud to have it back in stock for our valued customers :) alt

You KNOW how important temperature accuracy is in your incubator... 

Just a few degrees too low, and your chicks will be weak and late hatching... and too hot by 2 degrees will kill the embryos in your eggs within 2 hours!

Be sure with this Spot-Check, top of the range incubator thermometer. 

It's purpose built for incubators, and super accurate and reliable, with a nice slim probe that will slide through most incubator ports.

With End-Peak Alarm
Never needs calibration
Extension cord 56 cm
22 x 8 mm LCD display
Auto Power Off
Memory Function
Low Battery Mark
Measurement Range: 32°C - 42°C ( 90°F - 108°F )
Resolution : 0.1°C( 0.1°F)

We only have limited stock, so don't miss out
The single most important factor to success when it comes to hatching chickens
is maintaining proper temperature conditions!

Embryo development is very sensitive to temperature. 

Consider the chicken, whose ideal incubation temperature is 99.5°F...

While sustained slight under-heating may simply cause them to grow slower, over-heating… even for a short period… can cause significant injury or even death.

So while a hatch might be delayed somewhat by lowish temperatures – say 98°F for several hours - the embryos in your incubating eggs may be killed if subjected to a temperature of 105°F for just 30 minutes.

As a guide, your incubating eggs are unlikely to survive several hours of temperatures over 103°F or under 96°F.

Marginally high temperatures can result in hatching chickens with a myriad of health problems including early hatching of chicks that are undersized, dead in shell, sticky (covered in egg white), malformed, weak, and/or with rough bloody navels.

Sustained low temperatures, aside from delaying the hatching date, can result in hatching chickens that are soft and mushy or have crooked toes.

Happy hatching!




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