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Reptile Heat Mat or Pet Heat Pad 30x50cm

Reptile Heat Mat or Pet Heat Pad 30x50cm

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This Reptile Heat Mat is the ultimate in low cost winter comfort for your pet!  

These green pet heating pads can be used for many purposes: alt

•    Use as a reptile or snake heat mat, underneath their enclosure.

•    Keep small post operative animals warm after surgery or during illness.

•    Perfect for newborn puppy care.

•    Provide warmth to birds and other small pets.

•    To supply a cosy nursing environment for young wildlife.


•    The mats are complete with 1.4 metre cord and plug.

•    This pet heat pad heats up to between 32 and 35C, and can be used in conjunction with a thermostat to maintain constant temperature.

•    Pad is water resistant and flexible.

•    Can be wiped over easily to clean.

•    Compact: 40cm x 60cm and approximately 1mm thick.

•    Economical to run – uses just 40W (240V).

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