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Solid Brass Bells - Garden Bells - Dinner Bells: 14cm

Solid brass bells: 14cm diameter, 0.8 KG. Suitable as cow bells, garden bells, dinner bells, wireless door bell or meditation bells. Click on product for video of the bell ringing.

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Cow Bells - Garden Bells  – Farm Bells – Ships Bell – Dinner Bells – Mediation Bell

Love real brass ringing bells, rung by the old fashioned rope pull method?

WE only have REAL brass bell for sale.  Unlike electronic types, real bronze bells have been rung for thousands of years, and will never go out of style or have parts that have been discontinued.  A real solid brass bell when rung properly will last for ever, and always be in style.

Our bells are of the highest quality, manufactured in the finest tradition: sand-cast solid brass turned and hand polished to a glossy sheen. 

Being hand crafted, each bell has its own unique character.

To listen to our bells ringing click here!

If you are after a high quality brass bell that will last you a lifetime, then look no further.

We have our farm bell mounted outside and ring it at 6pm every night to announce wine-o-clock to our neighbours!  alt

Tree change hobby farmers in Bridgetown started this tradition.  It has now caught on in their rural valley, which now rings with the magical sound of a multitude of bells at 6pm every evening...

Bell specifications:

•    Width 14 cm
•    Height (not including clapper) 10 cm
•    Weight 800g Solid Brass

We have these solid brass bells in sizes and prices to suit all uses


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Legth No
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