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Wax Comb: better than a capping knife!

Why use a capping knife when this Wax Comb works great without the need for hot water or power? Plus leaves the wax you don't need for the bees so they can get on with making you more honey :P

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Honey Bee Comb Wax Scratcher alt

Why uncap when it is so much easier to release the honey from  your honeycomb by simply scratching the wax with this special comb scratcher.

No messy waste wax to deal with...

Kinder to your bees too!

The wax you leave on the comb can be used by your bees again and again...

This saves them precious energy and time they can use instead to make you more honey!

Sturdy stainless steel construction with a strong plastic handle, this simple honeycomb scratcher needs no heating. 

Just rake it over the surface of your honey comb prior to extraction of your honey. 

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